CE Cooperative Courses

Cooperative Offerings provide an opportunity for ArSHA to collaborate with other organizations in offering continuing education units for speech-language pathologists and audiologists in our state.  The following procedures were adopted by the Executive Board of ArSHA on 2/6/18 and are in effect immediately. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions, or to initiate a cooperative CE agreement with ArSHA.

  1. ArSHA will support continuing education opportunities in the State of Arizona only.
  2. The ArSHA CE Consultant will follow the policies and procedures outlined by ASHA and found on these pages: http://www.asha.org/ce/for-providers/admin/.
  3. All cooperative offerings will follow the Cooperative Course Policy and Cooperative Course Agreement (Appendix A-B).
  4. For ArSHA to support a Cooperative Offering that is an Independent Study or Study Group, 50% or more of the participants must be members of ArSHA.
  5. Third party organizations participating in the cooperative offering will cover all costs incurred. In addition and when appropriate, the third party vendor will provide 2 registrations to their educational event at no cost for ArSHA to use in member retention activities.